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C'est La Vie..

C'est La Vie..

Three girls:Ladun,Shani and Toni.Nigerian and proud.Life.GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.S U M M E R.AMERICAN APPAREL. Marylin Monroe.Alfred Enoch.Zac Efron.Beyonce. Forever21.Fashion freaks.Nicki Minaj. Romantic movies. GRADUATION!!FOOD.Mavin. Taking random pictures. Drake
K Bye x.




fitness blog :)

Me and Maggie. Some day.



Have you ever just forgot about everything, turned on your iPod and just worshipped Jesus, alone in your room? Do it. Every day. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, it will change you. It’ll make you feel so light, free and fresh. There’s nothing like feeling God’s presence.

Just do it.


This will come in God’s perfect time. For now, pursue a more intimate relationship with the Lover of your soul.

One of my favorites :)

Who I am... Is not just me.: Dear future husband,


I hope you like the symphony. The music just moves me in a way that words cannot express. I hope we can spend a few winters in the city, soaking in the bright lights and Christmas festivities. Let’s drink hot chocolate and spend time cuddled up by the fire. Let’s wear matching scarves and hats….


#tbt . When my girls needed encouragement. (Taken with Instagram)